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VA Village Introduction

Welcome to VA Village, your source of information for VAs about VAs.

The Alliance for Virtual Businesses’ Meet VAs section is the premier location showcasing Virtual Assistants. Visitors can search by Industry category or Service to find their ideal Virtual Assistant. VAs can create an informative profile detailing their experience, business/niche and philosophies. The Meet VAs section is a gateway for business owners, media, aspiring and even established VAs to introduce themselves to listees. Support the A4VB and its campaign to promote the VA industry, worldwide, by joining as a Basic, Professional or Premier member. VAs everywhere will Reap the Benefits!

In June, 2007, after 18 months of evaluation and preparation, the Alliance, and a group of VA trainers, organization leadership, and experienced and new VAs, released a Core Competencies for Emerging VAs (Second Edition) document to serve as the base or foundation for continued growth and the longevity of virtual assistant industry. Emerging, Aspiring and Veteran VAs are invited to use this document as the basic qualifications/skill sets suggested for individuals interested in becoming Virtual Assistants.

VA Organizations are internationally-based VA member groups representing a combined membership in excess of 10,000 VAs. Click the VA Organizations link to browse the listed entities and learn more about the benefits of joining an organization that supports your business growth.

Meet the A4VB’s Leadership Team, unsung VAs who spend countless hours volunteering, behind-the-scenes, and collecting and developing informative material for the continuing education of the industry. These tireless professionals are responsible for the day-to-day operation of this site and offer new and innovative ideas to promote and support the expansion of the Virtual Assistant industry. To volunteer to be a member of our team, send an email to:

Get the facts about your industry. Frequently visit the Statistics area to read updates about who we are and how we work with clients.

Most industries offer a credentialing process. We’ve listed several organizations that offer VA certifications. Learn more about their eligibility criteria, what the acronyms represent and how to qualify.

Ah, the International Convention – a time to relax and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow VAs, obtain up-to-date information about new technologies and trends, and broaden your knowledge regarding topics that affect your daily operations – oh, I can’t wait!

The Alliance Benefit Programs – for VAs interested in growing personally and professionally without boundaries. These programs are designed to enhance your business ownership experience while opening yourself to boundless opportunities — and claiming is the first step!

Finally, visit our and learn more about their products! Many practicing VAs already use them in their daily operations. Stop back frequently to find out who really believes in the VA concept. Let’s support those who support us, International Convention.