Introduction to Resources Section

The Virtual Assistance Industry is “exploding” with new, up-to-the-minute information, training programs, publications, events. It is our intent to provide access to as many resources as possible for individuals interested in becoming a VA as well as practicing VAs.

The Alliance does not endorse the programs, publications, etc. that are listed and strongly recommends performing due diligence before enrolling in any program, purchasing a publication or buying a listed resource, tool or service. Please see our Terms of Use for additional information.

Continuing education is the backbone of any industry. The Coaching / Training section offers direct linkages to VA-industry coaching programs, trainers, their classes and more.

The Calendar outlines upcoming events, meetings, etc. offered by different schools, VA organizations, trainers, etc., as well as general business activities. Planning an event? Post it here! Click on the calendar and view the wide world events.

In June, 2007, after 18 months of evaluation and preparation, the Alliance, and a group of VA trainers, organization leadership, and experienced and new VAs, released a Core Competencies for Emerging VAs(Second Edition) document to serve as the base or foundation for continued growth and the longevity of virtual assistant industry. Emerging, Aspiring and Veteran VAs are invited to use this document as the basic qualifications/skill sets suggested for individuals interested in becoming Virtual Assistants.

Looking to update your skills and further your education? Soon we will be listing various scholarship opportunities for aspiring and experienced VAs. Check back often.

The Business Links area is packed full of links to various Web sites and articles that can help the business savvy person.

Many Virtual Assistants create useful forms, tips and how-to documents that aid in the running of their practices. In our Free Download section are several documents that may assist in your business growth.