Case Studies

Virtual Assistants possess knowledge, skills and experiences that can help YOU achieve your goals. This list of case studies provides examples of how VAs work with many industries — and the techniques and approaches used in these examples can be adapted for anyone. If your industry is not represented in the below case studies, do not be alarmed. We are adding more examples on a regular basis.


Situation: An author’s personal secretary became ill and was unable to help complete his manuscript. He was on a very tight deadline and needed to dictate chapters, receive transcripts and have edits completed within 72 hours. After the manuscript was approved, he needed someone to complete the fulfillment process and ship 200 books to the location where he was scheduled to sign books.

Solution: The VA contacted her support team and assigned tasks to each member based on their expertise. Three transcriptionists transcribed, 2 proofreaders were on standby and handled the edits as the client submitted them, and 2 VAs completed the fulfillment and shipping.

Result: 200 copies of the book were prepared to the author’s specifications and shipped to the event. The author’s appearance was an overwhelming and profitable success.


Situation: A coach who was a novice at website maintenance unintentionally degraded his website and corrupted its layout. He needed the problem corrected quickly.

Solution: He contacted a VA who had experience in website maintenance. She looked at his code and fixed the problem immediately. She also offered keyword and optimization suggestions.

Result: He hired the VA to update his site on a regular basis and submit his site to various search engines. Because of the site enhancements and improved search engine placement, the site received more documented visits and generated a 34% increase in sales.


Situation: A consultant had her VA create a dynamic Power Point presentation to present to a new client she was pitching. Unfortunately, she forgot to pack the CD in her suitcase and left it in her home computer.

Solution: Since the consultant was a retainer client, the VA had a copy of the presentation on her computer. In checking to make sure it was “perfect” she found an error that would have negatively impacted the financial component of the presentation. The VA contacted her client, they revised the section, and the VA e-mailed the corrected material in time for her to make her presentation.

Result: The client avoided the embarrassment of presenting an erroneous presentation to a potential client and subsequently was awarded the contract.

Internet Marketer

Situation: Internet marketer wanted to develop videos to promote her new service but was unfamiliar with her technology and software choices. In addition, she did not have time to create the video or promote it to her target audience.

Solution: The VA suggested they meet to review and develop a complete strategy, including identifying topics to research, target audience, budget, equipment, etc. After the initial meeting, the VA presented options, resources. recommendations and a preliminary marketing strategy to the client. Client chose various options she wanted to implement and the VA created and edited the video, placed it on various Internet video sites, the client’s blog.

Result: Client gained valuable exposure for the new service,  obtained hundreds of new subscribers to her email list, culminating in  purchases of the new service.

Real Estate

Situation: Realtor agreed to sell a property originally listed as FSBO. He knew he had to show his new clients that he could p

Solution: He contacted a real estate VA for assistance. The VA created a virtual tour and a Seller’s Book. The client and sellers were very impressed.

Result: Using these tools in support of his marketing effort, the realtor sold the property and received a substantial commission. The sellers were very pleased and referred the realtor to their friends.


Situation: A speaker had presented at a very large conference and obtained 2,287 business cards. She wanted to immediately followup on these leads by creating a database that could be used to communicate with new prospects.

Solution: She contacted a virtual assistant and requested that she create a 20-field database with query capabilities. The VA interviewed the client to ascertain the level of flexibility required for the database and information she wanted to conduct queries by. She developed the requested database, designed the newsletter, and researched and presented contact management system options such as Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, etc., to use to communicate with the newly created mailing list.

Result: The client now has tools to manage entire marketing campaigns around the leads, with the ability to increase sales based on newly developed projections.