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10 Reasons Why Clients Outsource to Virtual Assistants

  • They are capable of completing the task but don’t enjoy the work.
  • They are capable but don’t have the time.
  • They lack the expertise to complete the assignment themselves.
  • They could do the work themselves but not in a time-efficient manner.
  • They don’t have employees and prefer not to hire any.
  • They occasionally have large projects that fall outside the scope of their abilities.
  • They don’t want to invest in software programs and the learning curve associated with them.
  • They don’t have the required equipment and prefer not to purchase or lease it.
  • They are not organized.
  • They understand that by outsourcing they can save time and money, and will receive a professionally completed project.

Industries Using VAs

We’ve put together typical client profiles and conducted task analysts of duties Virtual Assistants perform on a day-to-day basis. Check out our list of Industries Using VAs and tasks VAs can perform for you.

If your industry is not listed, please complete our brief questionaire so we can email to you our report entitled, “Working with Virtual Assistants”, which describes how VAs can work with you.

Case Studies

Good news! Virtual Assistants provide solutions. Click here to read actual case studies, the solutions VAs provided, and the compelling outcomes.

Sound Money Investment (PDF)

“Business is booming. I’ve exceeded my six-month goals and have more contracts on the immediate horizon. Actually, I have too much work to handle by myself, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to hire a full-time assistant.” More…